Amazingly, in an age plagued by consumerism and the endless acquisition of ‘stuff’ there is only ONE person in the world who can sell you some killer retro overalls, me!! Come on, don’t waste time dreaming! Let’s actually dress as if it was 1971!

Brace yourself amigo, this is an expensive luxury but rightly so. All the overalls I make up for cool people are one-offs. If you want to look like everyone else then adidas.com is only one click away. Meanwhile, remember the MONDO mantra: Motorcyclists Often Need Distinctive Overalls! MONDO!!

No two pairs of my overalls are the same. I overlay all the patches and stripes myself on the kitchen table, then have it all over-sewed to ensure 100% lock down! They aren’t knocked out en masse by some Romanian sweat-shop, no sireebob!

I have a massive collection of original 70s patches and this, augmented with the blistering hot embroidery of your name, makes for a truly unique garment ready for work, play and formal-wear. They are about £170 a time but can be a bit more if you want tons of custom embroidery.

Email me at overalls@austinvince.com if you want some MONDO overalls